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DRAFT Seeks to Overturn Disney Segway Ban

and Transform Civil Rights Class Action Law

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Petition For Writ Certiorari

Important Notice!

On March 15, 2011 the United States Department of Justice's revised ADA regulations went to effect. Among many other things these new regulations require title II & title III entities to allow the use of Segways in a responsible manner by people with disabilities absent the ability of an entity to prove that they cannot establish legitimate safety standards which would permit the safe operation of the Segway within their entity.

Based upon the experience of the last eight years and the lack of any credible, substantiated evidence having ever been presented by an entity which would call into question the ability of a Segway to be operated safely when used in a responsible manner in virtually every known type entity one would have presumed that after March 15, 2011 the use of the Segway by any person with a "substantial limitation" in their ability to walk would have been permitted.

If you are a person witth a disability who uses a Segway for mobility and have been denied access after March 15, 2011 we encourage you file a complaint with the United States Department of Justice.  Below are two links which will allow you to download a PDF complaint form. One version will allow you to fill out the form on line and then print the form, the other version is for those who would like to print the form and then fill it out by hand or using a typewriter.  Please file the original signed form with the USDOJ or if you may mail the original signed form to DRAFT, 500 Fox Ridge Road, St. Louis, MO  63131 and will deliver it to the USDOJ and track the complaint until it has been resolved.

Executable Form        Printable Form

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Important Documents and Guidance

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Congressional Hearings

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A Guide to Disability Rights Laws (Aug 2004)
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UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (March, 2007)
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DRAFT Documents, Letters, and Reports

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