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SegVator Application

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 SegVator Installation Manual.......Click here

Before completing and submitting your SegVator application it is important that you read both the SegVator Installation Manual and Vehicle Wiring Requirements and verify that your vehicle is properly prepared for the installation of your SegVator Lift.

Before beginning installation, please verify the following:

Vehicle Hitch
  • The vehicle hitch type and class is of adequate capacity to handle the weight of the SegVator, and
  • The hitch has been properly installed.

The vehicle should have a standard 7-way round RV style electric plug installed with the auxillary circuit connected. The aux. circuit is how the SegVator gets its power. The aux. circuit on the electric receptacle mounted to the vehicle has a prong at the one o'clock position which is positive and the 7 0'clock position which is negative. A fuse/breaker of 40 amp capacity is necessary and may need to be added in the fuse block of the vehicle. The wiring requirements must be 10 gauge or heavier if running additional wires to the vehicle plug. Consult your vehicle dealer to properly arrange to power the SegVator Vehicle Wiring.

The SegVator must be wired either directly from the fuse block or from the battery with an in-line 40 amp fuse and 10 gauge or heavier wire. The SegVator also utilizes the running lights circuit to activate the power inverter via a power sensing relay. The vehicle engine and lights must be on to charge your Segway. The running lights circuit must be wired into your vehicle electrical plug to use the power inverter. This is a safety feature to insure proper voltage and battery condition preventing potential battery drain.

You cannot "short-cut" these wiring requirements. The SegVator will not work properly unless the installation and wiring instructions are strictly adhered to. Please get your vehicle set-up properly before placing your SegVator request.

Please complete all fields on the SegVator application. Missing or incomplete responses will delay your application. Double check your responses before submitting form. Upon successful completion you will be re-directed to the Confirmation page of our website, and will receive a confirmation email at the email address you provide on the form.

SegVator Application (Please fill out ALL fields)